About Harold Chamberlain Costa Rica

LinkedIn_Profile_Picture_1426793969Attorney Harold Chamberlain graduated magna cum laude from the Universidad Federada de Costa Rica with his law degree in 1997. He then began working in his current role of partner at Bufete Chamberlain SA, a Costa Rica-based law firm. Originally established in 1973 by his father, the office is still family owned and operated. Attorney Harold Chamberlain possesses experience in a range of legal areas, including real estate, immigration, land development, and commercial law.

Throughout his career, he has worked with such clients as Yellow Coco Lodge and Croc’s Casino Resort in. He is fluent in English, and around 90 percent of his clients are from Canada and the United States.

When he’s not at the office, Harold Chamberlain enjoys staying active. Having practiced in Brazilian jiu-jitsu for six years, he currently holds a purple belt in the martial art practice. He regularly competes, and he trains every day. Additionally, he enjoys participating in a CrossFit routine. A fan of painting, he studied fine arts at the Universidad Autonoma de Centroamerica and has been a part of solo and group art shows. He studied under Rafael Otton Solis and has sold his art internationally.


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